Organic Flours

Wheat milled for our organic flour comes from premium-quality, certified organic wheat. We have direct relationships with many of our local producers, ensuring the organic integrity and quality of our wheat supply. Our customers can attest that we supply some of the highest quality organic flour available in the world.

Conventional Flours

NutraSun mills only the highest quality Hard Red Spring and White Wheat flour, sourced directly from Western Canadian farmers. We offer two varieties of conventional flour, suitable for your entire line of baked products.

Millfeed Pellets

NutraSun is proud to offer organic millfeed( millrun) pellets with exceptional durability. NutraSun’s Organic MillFeed pellets are derived from organic wheat and meet U.S. and Canadian requirements for animal feed and dairy operations.

Specialty Products

Our whole grain products are very nutritious and extremely versatile in a wide range of commercial formulations. The various grains can be incorporated in multi-grain breads, used as a topping for breads or rolls, in pancakes, cereal mixes, granolas, and crackers. Our cleaned organic wheat kernels can impart great cereal flavour and visual enhancement in sprouted wheat breads, rolls and tortillas.

Product Services

With years of experience in the milling and baking industry, our in-house product development team can develop a formulation that fills a gap in your product mix. We are equipped to run test batches and will work with you at every stage of development to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations.

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